Salta “la Linda”

529px-salta_in_argentina_falkland-svgSalta means ‘Very beautiful’ in ‘quechua’, language spoken by the first inhabitants from this land,. Located in the Argentinian Norwest, Salta is in the north western angle of the territory, above the longitude axis of the South American continent. The Capricorn Tropic goes through ‘ Salta ‘ territory by its northern side. Its coordinates are the following: Extreme North point 22º 00′ South Latitude; extreme South point 26º 23′ South Latitude; Extreme East point 62º21′ West length; West extreme point 68º 33′ West length.

It combines the most varied landscapes and climates: mountains covered by lush jungles, pre mountain range valleys covered by green and the unique attraction of the ‘calchaquí’ valleys and of high mountain.

Climate: Due to its great extension, to its tropical latitude and the combination of prominences that go from high tops of more than 6,000 mts up to Eastern tropical plains, Salta has a huge variety of climates. Salta city, located in the central ‘Valle de Lerma’, has a moderate climate with an annual average temperature of 16º and a rain average of 700 annual mts, distributed mainly during the summer season. In the central region, that focus tourism’s attention, the climate is mild and dry all year round with a medium average temperature of 18º C.